The pristine state of fine Bohemian crystal takes on an elevated dimension with the application of various elaborate cutting patterns. In addition to the traditional crisscross or olive-mitre décors, our Bohemian crafts makers bring to life an array of stunning designs. Such singular creations today stand in homage to the generations of artists who first began cutting out marvels of exquisite and unparalleled Bohemian crystal, so many years ago.


The world’s oldest crystal cutting technique uses special diamond wheels designed to carve out fine, delicate lines across the surface of glass, producing unsurpassed power and precision in treating fine crystal. Polishing wheels then accentuate the contrast between the sharp edges and smooth surfaces of mouth blown crystal. The end product breathes old world craftsmanship – a performance of light, subtly refracting off of the bold shapes and elegant arches of crystal.


This modern technique shoots high-pressure air applications of smooth sand particles onto a glass surface. Unlike the classic method of sand blasting, embossing removes small, predrawn lines of glass surface, layer by layer. The resulting décor is a frosted relief that stands in striking contrast to plain or cut crystal, making a prominently luxurious statement on a lighting fixture.