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Loyalty to fine Bohemian crystal, respect for traditional craftsmanship and dedication to world class service. These are the values intrinsic to the philosophy of Bohexim Glass since Vaclav Tintera founded the company in 1991. Over these past two decades, we have grown ever more fond of the legendary crystal artistry of Bohemia that claims a story going back hundreds of years.



We stand by the unsurpassed superiority of Bohemian crystal. That is why we work exclusively with local glassworks and cutting mills who alone have mastered the cultivation of elements into fine crystal. As our crystal components often find themselves dressing stunning chandeliers in spaces across the globe, we have committed to strive for excellence on a consistent basis. Bohexim Glass has twice been awarded one of the top ten companies in the Czech Republic by the Czech Rating Agency.


The story of our crystal begins in the high temperature furnaces tended to by the first Bohemian glassmakers, and then, refined by the generations of masters after. A core element of our business philosophy has been to preserve such long respected practices of crystal making by enhancing them with modern innovative techniques. We still use Northern Bohemian oak trees to carve out the molds that transform hot blanks into artistic form, but at the same time, we allow advanced technologies to push the boundaries of crystal making in novel directions. 


The crystal needs of our clients vary depending on the nature of their lighting projects. Our team of experienced professionals is thus ready to provide tailor made assistance to meet any special requests or inquiries. We coordinate the steps of production, discuss the design and technical aspects of each project and maintain close contact with our clients to keep them involved in development of the customized crystal undertaking. With more than 20 years of experience, we have become a trusted source of expertise in the field of glassmaking.